Async Flow Control in Javascript(ES6)

Welcome to another post! We will be taking a look at an object called the 'promise' that was natively introduced with the release of ECMAScript2015 (ES6) that allows us to work asynchronously. You might have already heard and know of promises, they have been all over the place with Javascript in the last couple of … Continue reading Async Flow Control in Javascript(ES6)


Angular: Route Authentication and Guards

There will be times in your web application where you will need to protect parts of your application from unauthorized access, for example, if you only want registered users to have access to particular components of your app while denying the unregistered users and re-routing them to a sign up page. This can be accomplished using Angular's … Continue reading Angular: Route Authentication and Guards

My Path From Vanilla To MVC

During the Degree in IT with a Major in Software Development, the main focus was of fundamentals of development such as the SDLC, design patterns, debugging, algorithms and data structures which set up a platform to for us to build on once we left uni. When I graduated I went straight into learning higher level concepts […]