My Path From Vanilla To MVC

During the Degree in IT with a Major in Software Development, the main focus was of fundamentals of development such as the SDLC, design patterns, debugging, algorithms and data structures which set up a platform to for us to build on once we left uni.

When I graduated I went straight into learning higher level concepts such as MVC and RESTful API’s with the purpose of advancing my knowledge and skills in order to develop applications that fit in with today’s modern standard of quality and performance. I quickly became attached to ASP.NET MVC and full stack Javascript with frameworks such as Angular, Node and Express, I discovered things that I never knew existed such as build tools, generators, continuous integration etc… I came to realise that software development was no longer the ‘solar system’ I once thought it was, instead, I saw a universe.

Its been roughly a year now since I have graduated and have been extensively and continuously learning ever since, things that were never taught in the degree. I am now able to write my own RESTful Web API’s, use ASP.NET MVC with Identity and Entity to manipulate data and authenticate users, use Angular, Node and Express to write fullstack web applications and more.

It makes me look back and think ‘why the heck didn’t they teach us modern software development architectures’ but then I realized that going to uni isn’t about learning all the latest and coolest tech, its more about developing the skills and knowledge required to create your own path of where you want to go in your development career and from there you will have all the tools you need to begin learning as a professional.


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